Ecolyte research presentation at the 9th RSE SEE 2024 in Novi Sad, Serbia, June 3-7, 2024.

Our synthetic chemist Janine Maier had the great opportunity to represent Ecolyte at the 9th Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry – South-East Europe, in Novi Sad, Serbia. The presentation with the title “Symmetric investigation of symmetric aminoquinones” provides insights into her doctoral thesis findings, focused on quinones, known for their valuable properties and potential applications in medicinal chemistry, materials science, optoelectronic devices, and batteries. Molecular redesign using different functional groups, like amines, can optimize their properties and prevent unwanted side reactions. However, particularly the synthesis can be challenging at times, and there is a need for simple and efficient routes without metal catalysts or halogenated starting materials. The presentation is focused on the synthesis and electrochemical characterization of a series of aminoquinones derived from renewable sources, namely vanillin or 2-methoxyhydroquinone.